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Intro About Me....

Well umm.... My name is Holly. I love poetry and I've been interested in wiccan stuff for as long as I can remember. Even though I love the stuff I'm not allowed to have any of it because well my parents are Mormon and say its like worshiping the devil or some shit like that and they said that if I get any stuff behind their back and they found it that they would take my internet privileges and my computer away. Sorry but I kinda like those two things. I have a cat Tonks who is the love of my life. Once she was the whole reason for me not to kill myself. Ummm I can't play any instrument though I would like to learn how to play the drums or guitar or something. I suck at singing... well at least I think so. I worship pillows, yes weird I know. I have 13 and they are all named, I dont remember which is which anymore though. I like to name all the things in my room. My family thinks I'm insane. I'm a cutter but I guess I'm trying to stop. It hurts the two people I love the most. I went to a mental hospital for a week during the summer. It was boring as hell. I want to dye my hair black but my parents wont really allow me to. I don't believe in so called god. Or heaven or hell or the devil. SO I get pissed off when my dad says that I worship the devil and he says that a lot. I'm a bit of a loner and don't get along with many people or have many friends. I don't like to talk to people much. Only if they really mean something to me or I'm extremely bored. What else is there to say about me? I work in the cafeteria at my school. I only am so I could have at least one class with my beloved friend Erin and so I could make some money. Yay money. Can't think of anything else to say so bye.
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yup, that sounds morman alright. well, just so you know, wicca isn't all that cool. it's mostly like any other religion, just you have more gods to pray to. it really stretches out your bedtime preperations, believe me. hahaha really, it's probably best that your parents won't let you buy wiccan iconography. when you got out of highschool, you would be disappointed that you had wasted your money. and really, it's all about what you think and feel. you don't need a cross to pray do you? then you don't need candles and inscence to practice! that stuff is for amatuers anyway. its kind of like all the gold and water and wine in catholic churches. you don't need it to be a part of something greater. it just makes it easier to focus. it's like playing dress up. i guess that's why wicca is so damn popular these days. you get to dress up as a which and make magick potions and spells and cast them on people. let alone the fact that wicca is just a mishmash of differant, almost random, pagan belief systems with roman and celtic sounding names attached. it was created in the seventies. all and all, that makes it younger than even mormanism (a pretty young religion itself, still in it's prepubscent stages. i mean come on, it doesn't even have an empire yet!). anyway, i just wanted you to know that this LJ comes up on interests under mormanism. that's just weird.